Client experience

What do I remember from my trip today to HomeDepot? Waiting. A lot of waiting. At the return section, even though there were three cashiers around the corner waiting for clients. At the tiling department, only to hear that the tiles to be picked up had to be collected at the special services. At special services, as the warehouse must be a long walk for the person who’s job it is to get ordered packages for clients. In tool more than 30 minutes of waiting, just to pick some items.

Is “waiting” what HomeDepot wants me to remember from this experience or to think about when I hear “HomeDepot”? It didn’t make me buy more stuff, and it surely doesn’t want me to go back for a future purchase.

I am probably not the average customer HomeDepot is aiming for, and perhaps I am one of the few people noticing “idle” staff within 5 meters of wanting customers. It makes me think of one of the Charlie Chaplin movies where he just turns a bolt, blind to anything happening around him. And of Seth Godin’s “it’s not my job” rule for bad design.

All I have left to do is taking a positive spin: a lot of work for user experience design out there, and a topic to write about. Oh, and putting my new tiles on our new fireplace. But that can wait a bit.


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